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Photo by John Matychuk on Unsplash

We here at Rainbird have always had a fun challenge, How do we best manage parking at our office in Norwich. 

On the face of it this is a simple task: 

- We have x members of the team, x% of them drive. 

- We have a fixed number of spaces in our car park and access to an overflow 10 mins walk away. 

- Sometimes we have visitors and we like them to use our car park (but they arrive later on in the day and are often only there for a short amount of time). 

- Some people share lifts as well so a space serves two team members on some days. 

So here is the question! If we were going to start to build a tool in Rainbird to know each day where we could park our car for the optimum use of our own spaces and to ensure we don’t put out any clients how would we start thinking about this in Rainbird? 

What factors would we take into account? Which aspects of the detail are the right ones to start with and why?

We might even name a space after the best solution for this!