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Versioning a Map
Versioning a Map

This article explains how you can create versions of your knowledge maps in the Rainbird Studio, so that you can create restore points.

Knowledge authors can choose to ‘version’ their knowledge maps.  Versioning a knowledge map will save the knowledge map at a particular point in time, and assign it a version number. Prior to creating the first version, Authors are considered to be working on the ‘Draft’ knowledge map.

Versioning a map makes it easier to track the progress of a build, create restore points and to be able to publish a version of a knowledge map live.

Rainbird Agents or the API will run against whichever version of the knowledge map has been marked as the ‘Live’ version. If no version has been marked ‘ Live’, Rainbird will run against the draft.

When running a query – whether directly from the map or via the TryQuery, Rainbird will run against the draft version.

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