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top-down-strict / top-down
top-down-strict / top-down

This article explains how you can override the default order in which Rainbird considers conditions of a rule. This can be achieved using functionality called "top down" or "top down strict" condition ordering. The article also gives you a knowledge map to explore "top down" and "top down strict" functionality inside the Rainbird Studio.

Engine Default Behaviour

Rainbird’s decision engine follows a default order when trying to make a decision using the conditions of a rule. This order is as follows:


  • Rainbird to look to see if it already knows of a fact between two instances either through knowledge map facts, previously inferred or answered facts or via datasources.


  • If Rainbird does not already know a fact and rule exists on the required relationship, Rainbird will use the rule to attempt to infer a fact.


  • If a relationship is configured to allow a question to be asked and Rainbird cannot Match, or Infer the required fact Rainbird will Ask the user to provide or confirm the required fact.

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