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Setting up an automated test

To create a new automated test:

  1. Click on ‘TEST’
  2. Navigate to the ‘Automated Tests’ page
  3. Click ‘New Test’
  4. Entering the query you want to run and provide either the subject or object instance (just as you would when setting up... (More)

Importing INTO an existing map - Example

To import a .rbird file into an existing knowledge map:

  1. Open up the existing map that the .rbird file will be imported into and click on the knowledge map name to open the contextual menu
  2. Select ‘Import
  3. A... (More)

Try Query Example

The other function is to Create an Agent, which requires us to setup a ‘Try Query’:

To test a query for a single relationship:

  1. Navigate to the Test page
  2. Select ‘New Query’ to open the Add Query... (More)

Run Query Example

In the Rainbird Studio, you can run a query on any relationship, without having to leave the ‘Edit’ screen, by right clicking a relationship and selecting ‘run query’:

The ability to run a query without having to set up a... (More)

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