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Subject / Object and Relationships
Subject / Object and Relationships

This article, which continues below, explains what Relationships are, what we mean by "subject" and "object" and some key dos and don'ts of building Relationships in Rainbird knowledge maps.

A relationship links two concepts together and describe how the two connected concepts are related.  A relationship instance is a relationship between two concept instances.

The two concepts linked together by a relationship are called the Subject and the Object.  Relationships are always directional and link concepts together in a single direction. In the example below, the Subject is the left hand concept, the Object is the right hand concept.

Note: The Subject of a relationship must be a string concept – the other three concept types (number, date and boolean) can only be the object of a relationship.

This article has the following sub-topics:

  1. Subject / Object and Relationships - Overview
  2. Subject / Object and Relationships - Do's and Dont's
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