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secondsBetween / minutesBetween / hoursBetween
secondsBetween / minutesBetween / hoursBetween

This article explains how you can use time expressions to calculate the number of seconds, minutes or hours between two instances. It also gives you example knowledge maps to explore time expressions inside the Rainbird Studio.

Rainbird can use time expressions to calculate complete seconds/minutes or hours between two instances.

Click on one of the expressions below for more information and instructions on how to build a model that uses the expression:

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secondsBetween / minutesBetween / hoursBetween - Downloadable Model

When viewing the knowledge map generated by the .rbird file below, please see the list below for which query you will need to run to see each time expression in action:

  • secondsBetween - 'how many seconds from now'... (More)

hoursBetween - Example Map

Create Concepts & Relationships

Create the following concepts:

1 string concept – ‘Person’

1 number concept – ‘Hours Between’ (we could also use a String Concept)

Next, connect the two concepts with the relationship ‘how many hours till new... (More)

minutesBetween - Example Map

This article will demonstrate how to build a map that uses the minutesBetween() expression to calculate the amount of time between the date a user runs a query and a data selected by the user at runtime.

Create Concepts &... (More)

secondsBetween - Example Map

This article will demonstrate how to build a knowledge map that uses the secondsBetween expression to count the time, in seconds, from the time the user runs the query, to a date the user selects at runtime.

Creating Concepts &... (More)

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