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v4.24 - Now you can create a guide to your knowledge map

Opening an old knowledge map, or taking ownership of one built by someone else, was challenging without a detailed explanation of the logic and structure.

To make this easier, we’ve introduced a knowledge map readme. This allows Authors to provide... (More)

v4.18 makes it easier to customise the order of a dropdown list when Rainbird asks a question

Previously if you wanted to control the order of a dropdown list in a question

and these instances were stored in the Knowledge Map, it would require modification of the code to cut and paste concept instances into the correct... (More)

v4.16 - Use fewer queries to get that data you need

Getting data out of Rainbird after a decision has been made has sometimes proven challenging. Getting visibility of all the data that was available, or generated, when making a decision was even trickier. There were methods to do it, but... (More)

v4.13 brings a change in engine behaviour

Version 4.13 includes a change to engine behaviour.

Please read the following post to determine whether this may impact your knowledge maps.

This version is scheduled for release on the following dates:

Community: Monday 16/05/2022 at 5pm
Enterprise: Monday 23/05/2022... (More)

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