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Question Grouping - Build Example

Let’s take as an example a simple “match-making” model, where Rainbird will match 2 people together if they share the same favorite activity and have the same age (± 5 years).

If question grouping is not used, here’s how Rainbird... (More)

Subject / Object and Relationships - Do and avoid

Relationships: Do

Between the two concepts being linked with a relationship, decide which is to act as the subject concept and which is the object concept. Often, it is immediately clear which is the subject and object concept and... (More)

Subject / Object and Relationships - Relationships

Creating relationships between two concepts in the Rainbird Studio is simple. Select the first concept and select Add Relationship, then click the second concept. Enter a name that describes the relationship between the two concepts and confirm with Add.... (More)

Using singular or plural - Build example

The singular/plural attribute can be set when creating a new relationship, or when editing an existing relationship, by switching the plural slider in the relationship settings screen on or off.

For example, if a knowledge map was built to determine... (More)

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