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Question Types
Question Types

This article explains the three types of Questions that Rainbird can ask to obtain information from users and how you can use each type. It also gives you an example knowledge map so you can explore question type functionality inside the Rainbird Studio.

Rainbird matches facts or infers a solution to generate a result by asking questions to the end-user.  The questions Rainbird asks are always about the relationship between two concepts and can either be asked as:  

firstFormQuestion (Yes/No answer) 

  • The subject and object sides of the relationship are known and the user needs to confirm Rainbird’s assumption is correct, by selecting either Yes or No

secondFormQuestion (Rainbird is asking for a Subject/Object instance)

  • Second form questions allow the user to select an answer (or answer(s) if the relationship is plural). There are two types of second form questions, dependent on whether Rainbird knows the subject or object of a query.

Please continue reading the article following the sub-topics:

  1. Overview Question Type Example
  2. Question Types First Form Question
  3. Question Types (Subject) Question
  4. Question Types (Object) Question
  5. Question Types Build Example
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