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Question Grouping
Question Grouping

This article explains how to create a question group in Rainbird. It also gives you an example knowledge map so you can explore question group functionality inside the Rainbird Studio.

The questions that Rainbird asks the end-user whilst running a query can be grouped together. Grouping questions together allows the end-user to answer a batch of questions at once. It improves the user experience, and can help unfold a logical stream of questions, enabling any Rainbird designer to handle their models’ questions more accurately. 

Please continue reading the article following the sub-topics:

  1. Question Grouping - Build Example
  2. Question Grouping - Downloadable Model
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Question Grouping - Build Example

Let’s take as an example a simple “match-making” model, where Rainbird will match 2 people together if they share the same favorite activity and have the same age (± 5 years).

If question grouping is not used, here’s how Rainbird... (More)

Question Grouping - Downloadable Model - File

Query and Results

When viewing the knowledge map generated by the RBLang below, please run the query on the relationship ‘has overall outcome’ to see question grouping in action.

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