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Create an Agent

An Agent can be accessed by others via a URL, or by embedding an agent into a webpage.

In Rainbird Studio, to create an Agent:

  1. Click ‘Publish’
  2. Click on ‘Agents’
  3. Click ‘+NEW AGENT’ to create a new agent (or select... (More)

Publish a Map

To publish a versioned knowledge map, navigate to the Publish tab, select the version to be published and click Set live. You will then need to confirm that you you want to publish the knowledge map by clicking... (More)

Rename and Restore a Map

Once a version has been created, you will be able to rename a version or restore the map to a previous version.

Select the Version tab to see a full list of a knowledge map’s version history, displayed in reverse... (More)

Versioning your Map

The versioning feature helps keep Rainbird map’s organised and provides greater control over general map maintenance. Versioning is particularly useful in instances where a knowledge map is live and changes need to be tested prior to updating the Agent or... (More)

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