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This article explains how to create a date expression for the "monthOfYear" function. It also gives you an example knowledge map to explore the function inside the Rainbird Studio.

monthOfYear: Rainbird uses the monthOfYear function to extract the month of the year from a date instance, either created by the end-user at runtime or that exists as an instance in the map. For example, if the input date is 2000-12-24, the monthOfYear function would extract the month value, 12.

The next couple of articles will demonstrate how to create a map that will use a monthOfYear function to determine which month of the year a date falls on.

  1. monthOfYear - Example Map Part 1: Creating Concepts, Relationships and Facts
  2. monthOfYear - Example Map Part 2: Creating The monthOfYear Rule and Running The Query
  3. dayOfWeek / dayOfMonth / dayOfYear / monthOfYear / year - Downloadable Model
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