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This article explains how you can set a minimum certainty level for facts or rules. It also gives you a knowledge map to explore minimum rule certainty inside the Rainbird Studio.

Within the Rainbird Studio, knowledge authors can assign a level of certainty to facts and rules. End users can also express their certainty about particular facts. These certainty factors, along with the weighting of any conditions inside rules, have an impact on the certainty of the judgement that Rainbird returns.

By default, Rainbird will only use or consider a fact that has been inferred by a rule, if it is at least 20% certain about the inferred fact. However, authors can override this by specifying a minimum rule certainty on a rule.

Minimum rule certainty must be:

  • a whole number
  • greater than 0 and less than or equal to 100
  • less than or equal to the rule’s certainty

You might want to increase or decrease the minimum rule certainty, depending on the knowledge map’s requirements.

A Decrease could be used if you want to broaden the number of facts Rainbird can consider.

An Increase could be used to narrow down the number of facts considered and to make the certainty of a rule stricter.

Please continue reading the article following the sub-topics:

  1. Minimum Rule Certainty - Decrease
  2. Minimum Rule Certainty - Increase
  3. Minimum Rule Certainty - Downloadable Model
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