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Mathematical Functions
Mathematical Functions

This article explains how you can add mathematical expressions to rule conditions. It also gives you an example knowledge map so you can explore mathematical expressions in the Rainbird Studio.

Mathematical functions are transformative expressions that change or transform numbers/number instances, and are used in rules. 

This article will demonstrate what the different functions do by themselves, but multiple functions can be combined in expressions, and the values generated by the functions can also be used in further expressions. You will need to use brackets if combining multiple functions, to ensure Rainbird calculates a value correctly. 

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Mathematical Functions - Downloadable Model

Query and Results

When using the below RBLang, please run the query on the relationship ‘outcome’ and select which function you would like to see in action.

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All mathematical functions PDF file

Attached to this post is a list of all current mathematical functions you can use in Rainbird Studio.

Mathematical Functions - Build Example

Mathematical expressions are used in rule conditions where specific logic and/or arithmetic is required. 

The below example shows how to use the add expression, +, to add two values together. 

'add' expression in a rule. The expression will add the values of %DIGIT_1 and %DIGIT_2 together

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