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Import and Export maps
Import and Export maps

This article explains everything you need to know about how to import or export knowledge maps in the Rainbird Studio.

The import and export feature allows for knowledge maps to be exported as .rbird files. The .rbird file contains the RBLang and the custom layout of the knowledge map that was exported.

The exported .rbird file can be shared with other users, stored in a company’s database or file exchange, and imported when creating a new knowledge map.  If a knowledge map has been exported by one user and sent to another user to fix an issue with the map, the .rbird file can be imported into the original map once the change has been made. 

Note: Importing the map into an existing map will replace the knowledge map (the logic and the graph), but all other data (e.g. the file name, ID, automated tests, agents etc.) will remain the same.

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