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Facts and Certainty Factors
Facts and Certainty Factors

This section covers everything you need to know when building Facts and Certainty Factors in Rainbird knowledge maps. You'll learn what facts are and how to use Rainbird Studio to infer new facts and how to interpret and calculate overall certainty factors. You'll also discover our helpful Certainty Factor Calculator.

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Overall Certainty - Query & Results

Query and Results

The relationships ‘pick a fruit’, ‘has probability to pick (colour) fruit’, and ‘has probability to pick fruit’, are the three relationships which should be queried when using the model:

  • The outcome of running the query on the... (More)

Overall Certainty - Probability & Calculations

Given CF calculation certainty

Isaac has the following amount of fruit in his garage:

  • Green Apples: 50
  • Yellow Apples: 25
  • Green Pears: 5
  • Yellow Pears: 20

Isaac has a total of 75 apples and 25 pears. He knows that he... (More)

Facts / Concept Instances - Downloadable Model

The RBLang below will generate the example map used in the article.

Query and Results

  1. For the Boolean fact, query the “is strictly mortal or not” relationship.
  2. For the Mutually exclusive fact, query the “is strictly mortal or not 2”... (More)

How To Use The Certainty Factor Calculator

CF Calculator Key:

Result (Cross/Tick): criteria for the conditions of the rule have been met.

Certainty: sum of Impact.

Rule CF: set to 100 by default. Max. Impact sum to meet Result.

Min Rule Certainty: set to 20 by... (More)

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