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Interaction History - Example

While invocation statistics are always captured and cannot be disabled by a user, interaction history can be enabled and disabled by knowledge authors on a per map version level. By default, no interaction history will be recorded. To enable interaction... (More)

Invocation Statistics - Example

Invocation stats are accessible when selecting ‘PUBLISH’ in the Studio view and then ‘Stats & Reporting’.

You may have come across the following messages when running a query against a knowledge map:

  • “Unfortunately Rainbird has been unable to process the... (More)

Data Retention Policy

Your Rainbird Profile’s data retention policy can be changed by clicking on Account in the bottom left corner in Rainbird Studio:

The Data Retention Policy can be changed by clicking ‘EDIT’ followed by toggling the switch in the top right... (More)

Salience View - Example on Hello World

The evidence tree will present you with a fact card detailing the conditions of the rule used to produce a result:

The rationale can be further interrogated by clicking the square symbol in the “Conditions” header to access the Salience... (More)

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