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Debugging expressions and Traversing relationships
Debugging expressions and Traversing relationships

This article explains how you can make evidence trees easier to understand, using alt text for "debugging expressions" and "traversing relationships". It also gives you an example knowledge map to explore alt text functionality inside the Rainbird Studio.

After completing a query, Rainbird will create an evidence tree and display fact cards about the decisions made for all relationships, rules and expressions Rainbird has used to complete the query. By default, Rainbird will populate the fact cards using the relationship and subject names as they are stored in the knowledge map. The information presented in the evidence tree can be changed, to improve the readability and accessibility of the evidence tree, by ‘debugging expressions’ and using ‘traversing’ alt text.

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Debugging expressions and Traversing relationships - Downloadable Model - File

Query and Results

For an example of a query that uses alt text and “traversing” alt text, run the query on the ‘access account’ relationship.

Traversing relationships - Build Example

The traversing relationship feature enables us to add additional information to a subject or object connected via a relationship and a Concept Instance when reviewing the evidence tree.

Continuing with the “account login” example above, the map has been expanded... (More)

Debugging expressions - Build Example

Before we can use alt text, we need a knowledge map. The knowledge map below is a map that determines whether a person can successfully access and log in to an account. To be able to access the account, a... (More)

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