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This article explains how you can count concept instances or facts in knowledge maps, using a "countRelationshipInstance" expression. It also gives you an example knowledge map to explore "countRelationshipInstance" expressions inside the Rainbird Studio.

The countRelationshipInstance expression is used to count concept instances/facts either within the map or entered when querying the map. The countRelationship expression (or countRel for short) can be used with string, number and date instances. The expression can not be directly used with a boolean function. However, by using a comparative expression in combination with the countRel expression, a boolean function can be used to answer a yes or no question.

Click on one of the links below for more information on the countRelationshipInstance expression:

  1. countRelationshipInstance - Example Map
  2. countRelationshipInstance - Variations
  3. countRelationshipInstance - Downloadable Map
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