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Concept Attributes
Concept Attributes

This section covers everything you need to know about creating Concepts in Rainbird knowledge maps. You'll learn what the four types of Concept are in Rainbird, how to create Concept Type Instances, and what to do when two concept instances are mutually exclusive.

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Mutual Exclusive - Build Example

Build string concepts

Two concepts are created: the subject, “Customer”, and the object “Account”. The two concepts are linked with the relationship “has status”.

Build instances

The concept “Account” has two instances, which will be defined as mutually exclusive... (More)

Create Concept Instances - Example

When opening a string concept, Rainbird will display the existing instances for that concept. Concept instances can also be provided for a map by injecting data from an external data source.

Figure 1: Creating instances in a string concept

Mutual Exclusive - Downloadable Model - Map

Please run the query on the ‘result based on status’ relationship for an example of a query that uses mutually exclusive instances.

Concept Types - Build Example files

When viewing the knowledge map generated by the RBLang below, please run the query on the relationship ‘presents risk’. The outcome will vary depending on user input.

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