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Building with Number Concepts
Building with Number Concepts

This article explains how to build knowledge maps that refer to numerical concept instances. It also gives you an example knowledge map so you can explore building with number concepts inside the Rainbird Studio. 

To solve a query, Rainbird may need to use numbers and/or dates. However, number and date concepts can not have relationships that point away from them. For Rainbird to accurately infer an answer which may require number or date concept instances to be selected/created by the user at run-time, string concepts, that refer to possible number/date concept instances, can be used. String concepts that refer to number/date concepts will be built using expressions.

To demonstrate how Rainbird can use string concept instances that refer to number/date concept instances, this article will explain how to build a map that will show what actions a person is ‘allowed to do’, by sorting ‘age’ number concept instances into ‘age bracket’ string concept instances.

Please continue reading the article following the subtopics:

  1. Building with Number concepts - Example Map
  2. Building with Number concepts - Downloadable Model
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