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This article explains how you can set conditions to be treated as "optional" or "mandatory". It also gives you a knowledge map to explore these behaviour settings inside the Rainbird Studio.

When creating a rule in Rainbird, it is necessary to create conditions to ensure the rule will be triggered. Rainbird can treat the conditions in two different ways with the “optional” and “mandatory” behaviour settings. It is important for a Rainbird designer to understand how Rainbird will treat different conditions, as it will allow them to build knowledge maps with more precise logic.

Please continue reading the article following the subtopics:

  1. Mandatory/Optional - Changing the Mandatory and Optional setting
  2. Mandatory/Optional - Example Map
  3. Mandatory/Optional - Example Map: Mandatory Behaviour
  4. Mandatory/Optional - Example Map: Optional Behaviour
  5. Mandatory/Optional - Downloadable Model
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Mandatory / Optional - Downloadable Model - Map

Please run the query on the relationship ‘wants to visit’ for a demonstration of mandatory/optional behaviour in action.

Mandatory/Optional - Example Map: Optional Behaviour

Let’s assume the person choosing the house doesn’t really care much about having a fireplace. He sees it as some kind of bonus, it would be a plus to have one but he would not dismiss viewing a house... (More)

Mandatory/Optional - Example Map: Mandatory Behaviour

We need to create a rule on the “wants to visit” relationship to make Rainbird infer which house to recommend to the user based on his preferences:

Note: All the conditions are set to mandatory by default. If we query... (More)

Mandatory/Optional - Building the example map - Build Example

To demonstrate optional and mandatory condition behaviour, we have built a map that helps a prospective home-owner to filter between different houses they want to visit. A person may require a house to have certain features ( e.g. a fireplace,... (More)

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