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In Rainbird knowledge maps, functionality within Relationships enables users to provide "certainty factors" for answers that they give. This article explains how you can use this functionality. It also gives you an example knowledge map to explore the "allowCF" function inside the Rainbird Studio.

The end user can provide a certainty factor alongside an answer whilst running a query to indicate how sure they are about that answer. The ability for an end user to provide a certainty factor can be toggled on or off.

Please continue reading the article following the sub-topics:

  1. allowCF - Using allowCF
  2. allowCF - Downloadable Model
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allowCF - Downloadable Model

When viewing the knowledge map created by downloading the file below, please run the query on the relationship ‘makes a statement’ for an example of a query that has the certainty factor on and off for different relationships. 

allowCF - Using allowCF

By default, the allowCF function is set to on; to change this setting, open the relationship you want to stop a user from providing a certainty factor for, and under the question properties, toggle the certainty factor to off, as... (More)

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