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This article explains how you can add or subtract value from a date instance using an "addMonths" function. It also gives you an example knowledge map so you can explore the function inside the Rainbird Studio.

addMonths(): Rainbird uses the addMonths() function to add or subtract a number of months to or from a date entered at runtime or a date that exists as an instance within the knowledge map the function is being used in.

The next couple of tabs will demonstrate how to create a map that will use an addMonths function to add nine months to a date entered at runtime.

  1. addMonths - Example Map
  2. addDays/addWeeks/addMonths/addYears - Downloadble Model

Note: Rainbird will not create an impossible date. For example. if we add one month to the 31st of January, the result would be the last possible date in February (the 28th/29th of February).

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