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Chris Brown
Sales Development @ Rainbird
Asked a question last year

What are some of your favourite data sources to link up to Rainbird?

Chris Brown
[Progress update] - Property Selection Map

My datasource is linked up to Rainbird with some "dummy" data of a few properties in and around London with a monthly price attached to each property.

This works a charm but now I am looking to capture more information about both the individual and the properties in question and this is where the challenge comes in.

I need to capture a ton of data around the individual first to make sure I can provide the best possible property fit, however, properties have different features/concepts too that need to be surfaced based on an individuals needs.

I am in two minds on whether I should build 2 separate maps (One to capture the individuals needs and one to outlay the different property features) and have them compare at the very end or whether I should build one complex map that captures both.

What are your thoughts?

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