We are here to help you achieve levels of decision-automation previously thought impossible and make you a hero in your organisation, through the delivery of efficiencies, better outcomes from your customers and even new revenues.

For that reason, the community edition of Rainbird has all of the features that you would receive with the paid enterprise version. In community, you also get access to new beta functionality before it reaches our enterprise environment.

In both versions, the models you build are yours and are encrypted on our servers. Rainbird staff have no access to any of your projects. 

So what are the key points you should know? 

The community version comes with limited on-line support via this community platform whereas the enterprise version comes with full training as well as ticketed technical and user support. Enterprise also has the benefit of our Service Level Agreement (SLA)

The community version is hosted by us and  is not designed for large scale deployments. With paid subscriptions our infrastructure scales automatically with your use, and there are more hosting options including private cloud and on premise. 

Both the community and enterprise versions allow you to build and test out your Rainbird projects from within the Rainbird studio. You can quickly see the kinds of decisions Rainbird makes using your models, and there is no real limit to how many decisions you can ask your model to make when testing. 

When you come to publish your projects live to be used by others, either via the Rainbird interface or the API, the community edition will limit the number of live decisions that it will make each day to five. In enterprise these limits start at a much higher level and you easily can add more capacity.

But don't worry, if you are working on a community project and need more capacity for a while, just contact us and tell us what you're working on. We may be able to help out.