The UK gov's Office for Artificial Intelligence and the Department for Digital, Culture, Media & Sport has published a new report (prepared by EY): "Data foundations and AI adoption in the UK private and third sectors". They surveyed almost 400 firms and conducted 26 interviews with business leaders in organisations that vary by industry/size/location. The report shows how AI adoption varies by sector.

Here are some key findings:

- 90% of organisations have either a data strategy or data-related initiatives
- data foundations have been widely adopted, albeit slightly less so in third sector
- the 2 biggest challenges to data foundation adoption are existing infrastructure and lack of skilled personnel
- 27% of organisations have implemented AI
- 38% of organisations are getting ready to implement AI
- 33% of organisations have not adopted AI/don't plan to
- in the private sector, 90% of large organisations plan to or have adopted AI
- you're more likely to have adopted AI if you are in the finance sector, if you are a large organisation and you are less than 10 years old