This article describes how and why to use the Rainbird rule profiler, a tool that breakdown an interactions and returns time information.

Why using the rule profiler?

The rule profiler is a very powerful analysis tool to help optimise query speed. It tells how long a query will take to resolve, and details, relationship by relationship, how long Rainbird takes to infer outcomes.

How to use the rule profiler?

In the "Paste JSON here..." box you need to paste a json response that you can find by following these instructions:

1-Open your map in your browser.

2-Open the developer tool of your browser (in option, developer tool):

3-Go to the network tab of the developer tool:

4-With the developer tool open on the network tab, query the relationship you want to analyse. Go through the full interaction until Rainbird gives the final outcomes:

5-Find the last "response" file in the network tab and copy paste the whole string:

6-Copy paste it in the time analysis tool: