In Rainbird v4, users now have the ability to structure processes, set up integrations, define tasks, and effortlessly connect these to Rainbird models.

There are three different Rainbird components that can be deployed in workflows. Start, Inject, and Query. This article will focus on the Start component.


The Start component starts a Rainbird session before data can be injected or a query can be made.

Start Component
Start Component



  • The action that when triggered will start the Rainbird session should be connected to the 'In' port of the 'Start' component. The 'In' action could be from a Form component or a simple OnStart component


  • The next action in the flow, after the Rainbird session has been started, should be connected to the 'Out' port. Typically, this will be the 'Inject' Rainbird component, but it could be another component if for example, the workflow needs to get information from a database etc

Once the 'Start' component has been connected to another component via the 'In' port, you will need to provide the Base URL of the environment the knowledge map you want to connect to your workflow lives in (which should be Community), your API Key, and the Knowledge Map ID of the knowledge map you want to connect:

'Start' component with details filled in
'Start' component with details filled in


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