Sometimes, the simplicity of why Rainbird works can get lost when trying to figure out how is works. 

You may be new to Rainbird, but you already know most of what you need to build a project in the Rainbird Studio, even if you don't recognise that yet. 

To build models in Rainbird, you need to know a little about language and philosophy - but hey, you already speak a language and you think all the time.

You need to understand how to describe the logic in your head, the weights and certainties that influence your decision-making - but you do that all the time without conscious thought - every time you make a decision. 

We can help you recognise the latent skills necessary to capture your knowledge and automate complex decision-making. And once done, the chances are that the project you build will out perform you. 


The Rainbird Studio enables you to create a visual representation of your domain (or your world), only so far as is necessary to describe what is important to your project.  This gives you a structured map of concepts joined by relationships (which is the structure of all languages and so unsurprisingly, the structure of all knowledge).


You encode “nuggets of wisdom” on the map as rules: your beliefs, the things you know to be true,  the rules you must work by. These are expressed on the parts of the map the the rules applies to. After all, a rule is just a description of circumstances under which something is true. 


You connect you map (complete with its rules) to any data you have, or you can feed it data. Now like a human, Rainbird has an understanding of the world (your map) knowledge (your rules) and if necessary, access to data. 

What else does Rainbird need to make a decision? Nothing. 


Anyone can now ask your model a question (or query) and Rainbird will combine the map, your rules and data to try to find an answer. If data is missing or limited, and Rainbird can’t quite work out an answer, Rainbird will do what a human would do - ask questions to solicit the data it needs to be sure.

When you build in the Rainbird Studio, you will not be limited to building decision trees. You can build knowledge maps, and like real maps - they can take you anywhere.