We’ve recently been focussing on building tools that make it easier to integrate into our platform, more on that later, but we’ve also made a few small changes in the core platform and fixed some defects. These are summarised below: 


Automated Tests

Our automated test tool now displays question text without modification, improving the ability to troubleshoot errors. Previously the tool would not display new lines or excessive whitespace, which made it very difficult to troubleshoot issues if these caused a test to fail.

Below shows how the same question was displayed before and after this change, with the former removing some of the formatting and the latter showing a true representation of the formatting, providing more opportunities for identifying issues if the expected question was not received.






The Rainbird engine has been updated to ensure it correctly observes whitespace to align to technical best practice. Previously it would trim this data, which may have been intentional. This change could result in some queries failing if unintentional whitespace is included in queries or concept instances.

This is now available in our Community environment to try out.


Improved integration tools

We’ve also been busy working on some new tools that make it easier for development teams to integrate Rainbird into your desired end-user experience.

Our brand new Software Development Kit (SDK) is available to use right away to accelerate integration projects, with a range of different options to choose from, depending on if you want maximum customisation opportunities or want maximum simplicity, with Rainbird providing a UI that handles all the logic for you.

If you’re interested in your development teams investigating these they can obtain the SDKs and information at the following locations:


We hope you enjoy these updates.