We’ve fixed a range of issues across the platform that have been reported by users. Details of these are listed below.

If you encounter any issues, please don’t hesitate to send us details at support@rainbird.ai citing the browser, version number and and details of the issue.


  • Condition search: when creating a rule and searching for a condition, if you use uppercase letters it will now return results again
  • Graph layout: when creating a new knowledge map, if you start to make your 1st save then cancel it, your concepts and relationships will now remain in the same position
  • Datasources: datasource requests that use concept instances containing special characters (e.g. &) will now return the expected result
  • Import KM: Importing a KM into a file that already contains a KM (e.g. an older version) will no longer result in an error
  • SDK: For SDK users, the SDK can now been unmounted cleanly without generating an error


This is now available in our Community environment to try out.

We hope you enjoy these updates.