I shared this interview with colleagues earlier in the week and it’s prompted some interesting discussions, so I’m keen to see what others think!

Kate Crawford studies the social and political implications of artificial intelligence. She is a research professor of communication and science and technology studies at the University of Southern California and a senior principal researcher at Microsoft Research. Her new book, Atlas of AI, looks at what it takes to make AI and what’s at stake as it reshapes our world.

What resonated with me most was her point that we typically think of AI as “abstract and immaterial” when actually we need to think about the human activity and processes around it, as that is key to what we’re building and why...

  • How does Intelligent Automation fit into a process?
  • What are the inputs and outputs to the decision that is being automated?
  • What are the implications of that automation on the wider environment?

There is more opportunity in transformation than there is in simply replicating an existing way of working, so it's important to consider the bigger picture as well as the specifics.