After a 6 year trend favouring the house buyer, it took a global pandemic to steer the rental prices in ones favour. 

Besides only 4 areas in the UK (North East, North West, Yorkshire and Humber, and Scotland), it is now cheaper to pay a monthly rent than repay a mortgage according to research by Hamptons Estate Agency.

Link to article here:

With the expected rise in the number of renters, I am looking at building a Rainbird Knowledge Map to help people choose their ideal rental property. 

I have considered things like:
- Renters Budget
- Renters individual requirements and preferences (Marital status, Employment status, Pets)
- Property Type (Price, Number of rooms, Facilities and features)
- Property Location (Proximity to work, Amenities, Transport, Greenspace, Family and friends)
- Neighbourhood (Typical neighbourhood profile and lifestyle)

What else do you think I would need to consider?