With the market being flooded with multiple formats of video these days. Over the last few years, there's been a new revolution within the media industry which is a interactive video. Here are some statistics on the new format.

Interactivity results in 3x-4x greater viewer engagement and conversion than traditional linear video.

  • The completion rate increases by 36% compared with linear video (Forrester)
  • The click-through rate is 10x higher than a passive video (Business Insider)
  • 35% of marketers using interactive video have seen increased conversion, and 25% increased sales (Brightcove).
  • 34% of video consumers want to be able to jump to a different part of a video (Raptmedia).
  • Interactive Video provides 62% Interaction Rate for Quizzes and 13.45% Interaction Rate for Chapters (Hapyak)
  • Interaction Rate for total annotations makes up 35.53% (Hapyak)

But why isn't it being used more often and seen more widely? Is it down to the grueling efforts to make these videos engaging and to have a story-driven element to them? Or is it purely not cost-effective?

What are your thoughts on interactive video and how could you see it applied in decision making? 

Below is a link to several videos that are interactive. Personally, I like the Bob Dylan & Deloitte examples.