Under any Rainbird Subscription Agreement, you are permitted a set number of queries per 24 hours known as a permitted query rate.   

In simple terms, when you want Rainbird to make a decision, a session is started and a query is asked. Rainbird will then reason until it ultimately reaches a decision. In the moment that the decision is completed, that query is recorded as having finished and you are debited one query against your allowance, i.e. your permitted query rate.  

In technical terms, a query is a single question being asked of Rainbird, and Rainbird ultimately coming up with an answer, a distribution of answers, or occasionally the conclusion that no answer is available. 

Test Queries

There is no limit to the number of test queries that can be run from within the Rainbird Studio. These do not contribute to any allowance, so you can test freely. 

Live Production Queries 

Live or 'production' query counts are monitored and measured against your allowance.  

Between the query being started and a response being returned, there can be any number of human-in-the-loop interactions, (i.e. questions asked by Rainbird and answers given by a human). The number of questions Rainbird may ask, and the duration that takes does not have an impact on the consumption of queries. 

In fact, a consultation with a human could take place over a few minutes or equally be parked and returned to several times over many days - for example, if someone is waiting on information from a customer before Rainbird can continue.

We only deduct from your allowance when the final result is concluded (or Rainbird concludes that no answer is available).

Complex queries

For some use cases, multiple different queries are made during a single session to assemble  a larger business decision (for example, when assembling a detailed .PDF report).

To support this, we allow any number of additional queries to be made and results generated, so long as that takes place within a set time period and is part of the same session. We will then record this as a single query for the purpose of your allowance. Of course results that are returned within a session outside of that time window, will be deducted from the allowance.

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