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Knowledge is power… and a key requirement for using Rainbird. This group is where you get heaps of the good stuff, through our written user guides, so you can do epic things with the Rainbird product. 


Question Grouping - Build Example

Let’s take as an example a simple “match-making” model, where Rainbird will match 2 people together if they share the same favorite activity and have the same age (± 5 years).

If question grouping is not used, here’s how Rainbird... (More)

Mutual Exclusive - Build Example

Build string concepts

Two concepts are created: the subject, “Customer”, and the object “Account”. The two concepts are linked with the relationship “has status”.

Build instances

The concept “Account” has two instances, which will be defined as mutually exclusive... (More)

Setting up an automated test

To create a new automated test:

  1. Click on ‘TEST’
  2. Navigate to the ‘Automated Tests’ page
  3. Click ‘New Test’
  4. Entering the query you want to run and provide either the subject or object instance (just as you would when setting up... (More)

Create an Agent

An Agent can be accessed by others via a URL, or by embedding an agent into a webpage.

In Rainbird Studio, to create an Agent:

  1. Click ‘Publish’
  2. Click on ‘Agents’
  3. Click ‘+NEW AGENT’ to create a new agent (or select... (More)
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