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Welcome to a whole new world of technical possibilities, where cool ideas are brought to life through the power of intelligent decision automation. 

By joining this group, you’ll be empowered to:

  • Solve impossible technical problems by automating complex decisions
  • Advance your engineering capabilities and skills
  • Becoming a master of more problems than their peers

Let’s make like a kanban board and get things moving. Please introduce yourself to the group, telling us your name, job title and what you hope to achieve through this community.


The doctor will see you now.

Came across this fascinating piece of code archaeology this week. Joseph Weizenbaum's original code for ELIZA, one of the very earliest chat bots attempting to encapsulate some human expertise.

Anyone interested in having a go at building a small... (More)

A Software Developer’s Guide to the Rainbird Reasoning Engine

Over at the Rainbird platform team we find ourselves having to support a particular kind of person: developers who may not have been fully informed what the Rainbird engine is, but who are now tasked with implementing some software... (More)

Andrew Cassely
Learning & Development Specialist @ Rainbird

New datasources release - experiences?

So who's used the new Datasources interface in Rainbird? Is it actually easier to integrate datasources now, and any tips on making this work?

Mathias Rigaud
Knowledge Engineer @ Rainbird

Rule profiler - Rule speed testing

This article describes how and why to use the Rainbird rule profiler, a tool that breakdown an interactions and returns time information.

Why using the rule profiler?

The rule profiler is a very powerful analysis tool to help optimise... (More)

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