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Automation Leaders
Automation Leaders
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If you’re looking to be the driving force of intelligent automation within your organisation, this is the group for you. Here, you’ll get to:

  • Successfully automate complex decisions that you probably currently think are impossible to automate
  • Break through limitations in your technical infrastructure and technologies preventing automation from being used where it’s needed (and welcome)
  • Connect with and learn from other people who are automating exactly the kinds of decisions you’d love to

We’re super-happy to have you here and would love to know more about you: your name, job title and what you hope to achieve through this community would be a good start.

Rainbird in two minutes

Rainbird has recently been named a hot vendor by HFS Research. This is a recording of me pitching what we do and why it matters in just two minutes.
Use cases
Andrew Cassely
Learning & Development Specialist @ Rainbird

Can your AI swim?

"MarineAI is creating a decision-making capacity for the submarine's brain. It will know how much battery life is left and how to weigh that against prevailing weather conditions and sea states, reaching a logical decision on whether to sail on... (More)

James Loft
Chief Operating Officer @ Rainbird

Can Rainbird tell me where to park my Car?

We here at Rainbird have always had a fun challenge, How do we best manage parking at our office in Norwich.

On the face of it this is a simple task:

- We have x members of the team, x%... (More)

How does Rainbird learn?

The basics

The Rainbird Studio provides a visual interface that enables domain experts to model expertise in formal representations of logic called “knowledge maps”. These knowledge maps are superior to decision trees because they are holistic (knowledge maps can answer... (More)

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