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Use cases
Use cases

What problems can you solve with intelligent automation?

Use cases
Chris Brown
Sales Development @ Rainbird

Is it cheaper to rent or buy a property in the UK?

After a 6 year trend favouring the house buyer, it took a global pandemic to steer the rental prices in ones favour.

Besides only 4 areas in the UK (North East, North West, Yorkshire and Humber, and Scotland), it is... (More)

George Westlake
Insights & Data Manager @ Rainbird

Which decisions could be automated in the world of sport?

One for the sports fans out there...

From leaving out Jack Grealish yesterday (yes I'm a Villa fan) to Rory Burns' awful shot second ball on Saturday afternoon, the sporting world is full of (questionable) decision making.

This got me... (More)

Reece Obasuyi
Demand Generation Manager @ Rainbird

Automation trends for 2021

As we approach the half year mark in 2021, it's useful to see how automation trends have manifested so far and forecast on how they may continue to do so moving forward. This article does this well. The sentiment that... (More)

Jess Readhead
Product Owner @ Rainbird
I love this as an illustration of why it is so important to combine AI with human expertise... by