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Understanding decision making
Understanding decision making

What's going on behind the scenes of your intelligent automation tool?

George Westlake
Insights & Data Manager @ Rainbird

Which decisions could be automated in the world of sport?

One for the sports fans out there...

From leaving out Jack Grealish yesterday (yes I'm a Villa fan) to Rory Burns' awful shot second ball on Saturday afternoon, the sporting world is full of (questionable) decision making.

This got me... (More)

Rainbird in two minutes

Rainbird has recently been named a hot vendor by HFS Research. This is a recording of me pitching what we do and why it matters in just two minutes.
Jess Readhead
Product Owner @ Rainbird

Microsoft’s Kate Crawford: ‘AI is neither artificial nor intelligent’

I shared this interview with colleagues earlier in the week and it’s prompted some interesting discussions, so I’m keen to see what others think!

Kate Crawford studies the social and political implications of artificial intelligence. She is a research professor... (More)

Jess Readhead
Product Owner @ Rainbird
I love this as an illustration of why it is so important to combine AI with human expertise... by