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Frequently asked questions about using the Rainbird platform and community.

Timi Olotu
Head of Marketing @ Rainbird

What do I get from being a member of Rainbird Community?

You get free access to:

  1. Rainbird’s intelligent decision automation platform (used by the likes of Deloitte, EY and the NHS)
  2. This community discussion forum, where you can connect with and learn from automation experts
  3. Exclusive research and content
  4. Comprehensive and... (More)

Natural Language Processing and Rainbird

We’re often asked about how Rainbird can work alongside Natural Language Processing technologies. In this article we’ll answer some of the top questions.

What is Natural Language Processing?

Natural Language Processing (NLP), and its cousins Natural Language Understanding (NLU) and... (More)

What are the differences between the free community and paid enterprise versions of Rainbird?

We are here to help you achieve levels of decision-automation previously thought impossible and make you a hero in your organisation, through the delivery of efficiencies, better outcomes from your customers and even new revenues.

For that reason, the community... (More)