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v4.13 brings a change in engine behaviour

Version 4.13 includes a change to engine behaviour.

Please read the following post to determine whether this may impact your knowledge maps.

This version is scheduled for release on the following dates:

Community: Monday 16/05/2022 at 5pm
Enterprise: Monday 23/05/2022... (More)

Hariharan Viswanath
Sr. Solutions Architect - Intelligent Automation
How do i make a knowledge map available to be queried within a workflow? I see the publish option, but am not able to set a live version for a particular knowledge map.

Release 4.10 provides easier access to the question and answer data

Community release: 06/04/22 at 5pm BST
Enterprise release: 13/04/22 at 5pm BST

For those of you that have wanted to access the interaction data between your end-users and Rainbird (i.e. the questions asked, answers given and the result), it has... (More)

Oliver Gudgeon
Content Writer @ Rainbird
Hey, all, we're running an event for the community on LinkedIn Live on 16 March. The goal is to help you fast track your intelligent automation use cases. We'll be giving away some super useful frameworks/docs that we use regularly... (More)
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