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Andrew Cassely
Learning & Development Specialist @ Rainbird

Regulation checker tool

This demonstration map shows how Rainbird can help firms comply with regulatory and legislative requirements.

There are two main queries which you can test:

At the moment there are only... (More)

Timi Olotu
Head of Marketing @ Rainbird
Daniel Kahneman discusses his new book, Noise, with Cass Sunstein (Harvard University) and Olivier Sibony (HEC Paris).

How is the 'permitted query rate' calculated?


Under any Rainbird Subscription Agreement, you are permitted a set number of queries per 24 hours known as a permitted query rate.

In simple terms, when you want Rainbird to make a decision, a session is started and... (More)

Oliver Gudgeon
Content Writer @ Rainbird
There's a new article in Forbes by Pascal Bornet — some big numbers and claims, but interesting nonetheless. He says intelligent automation could save around $10trn per year (assuming 100% effectiveness) — that's 1/2 of US GDP. Some key points:... (More)
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