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The automation competition: win an Oculus Quest 2 VR headset

Check out our competition to build an AI model that can recommend COVID-safe holidays to you, your friends and family… or anyone really. 

The NHS has been using Rainbird’s intelligent automation platform, throughout the pandemic, to decide which parts of a hospital are or aren’t safe for individual frontline workers. 

We decided to give that same power to you, so you can offload the mental burden of deciding where to go on holiday and… well, just enjoy going on holiday!

Want to understand Rainbird?

Watch a walkthrough of the Rainbird platform, by James Duez (Rainbird’s CEO).

Andrew Cassely
Learning & Development Specialist @ Rainbird
Want to find out more about how you can use Rainbird to automate your decision making processes?

Sign up to the fortnightly Introduction to Rainbird webinar, taking place this Wednesday at 2:00pm BST:

George Westlake
Insights & Data Manager @ Rainbird

How can AI, automation and/or Rainbird help in the fight towards a sustainable future?

There's lots of coverage around ethical AI, particularly around bias and discrimination, but personally I haven't seen too much around AI in the world of sustainability.

This article from Forbes highlights two broad areas where AI can help:

  1. Reducing its... (More)
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