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Lucie Hunt
Lead Knowledge Engineer @ Rainbird

Hi Bob,

We are Rainbird Technologies, rather than Rain Bird - the website for Rain Bird is as follows:

Thank You


Ian Barker
Partner Success Manager
Rainbird is pleased to announce that it has become an Advanced UiPath Technology Alliance Partner.

You can download the UI-Path connector from:
On behalf of the whole Rainbird Team, I would like to wish all of our community members a fantastic holiday season! Here at Rainbird, we consider ourselves fortunate to have such a great network of valued customers and partners. Thank... (More)

v4.24 - Now you can create a guide to your knowledge map

Opening an old knowledge map, or taking ownership of one built by someone else, was challenging without a detailed explanation of the logic and structure.

To make this easier, we’ve introduced a knowledge map readme. This allows Authors to provide... (More)

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