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v4.16 - Use fewer queries to get that data you need

Getting data out of Rainbird after a decision has been made has sometimes proven challenging. Getting visibility of all the data that was available, or generated, when making a decision was even trickier. There were methods to do it, but... (More)

v4.13 brings a change in engine behaviour

Version 4.13 includes a change to engine behaviour.

Please read the following post to determine whether this may impact your knowledge maps.

This version is scheduled for release on the following dates:

Community: Monday 16/05/2022 at 5pm
Enterprise: Monday 23/05/2022... (More)

Hariharan Viswanath
Sr. Solutions Architect - Intelligent Automation
How do i make a knowledge map available to be queried within a workflow? I see the publish option, but am not able to set a live version for a particular knowledge map.

Release 4.10 provides easier access to the question and answer data

Community release: 06/04/22 at 5pm BST
Enterprise release: 13/04/22 at 5pm BST

For those of you that have wanted to access the interaction data between your end-users and Rainbird (i.e. the questions asked, answers given and the result), it has... (More)

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